Yep, this is an entirely ego driven website - which I rarely update. It's more to amuse me rather than you :-)
It's just here so I can share a few exploits, photos, and my LinkedIn CV.

Vallee Blanche

Mont Blanc

Cold calling in Hampshire

I am looking for projects that inspire and excite me; with good people,
the potential to make money, and a product or service I believe in.
If you think you might want me on your team I would be delighted to talk.

  • Bio

    Soldier turned internet exec, venture capitalist, and mentor to tech start-ups; a proven record in leadership, strategy, and implementation. Strategic and financial forecasting, project and man management, and pursuasive sales pitching; at home in high pressure environments, an excellent communicator, and a natural team leader.

  • Tech Career

    CTO of two succesful tech start ups; Betfair.com (now Paddy Power Betfair plc on the FTSE100) and uSwitch.com), and Managing Director of a third; Fun Technologies (acquired by Libery Media and now integrated into the Game Show Network).

  • Security consultant

    Over 20 years spent in the British army and then as a security consultant; a broad range of knowledge in varied specialist subjects, having worked for DERA (now Quinetiq), Aegis Defence, Trident Maritime and others.

  • What I'm into

    Paragliding, skiing, diving, climbing, skydiving, triathlon, parenting, DIY, military history, UI design, AI, and making money... (in no particular order).

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