This is an entirely ego driven website. It's rarely updated. It's here to amuse me not you, so please don't take it seriously :-)


(noun) a series of jobs undertaken for a significant period of a person's life.
(verb) to move swiftly in an uncontrolled way....

What I'm looking for:

A project that inspires me; something I believe in, with clever people, and the potential to make money.

If you think you might want me on your team, I'd be interested to talk.

  • Career overview

    Professional soldier turned tech exec / start up mentor / cyber vc. Proven record of leadership, execution, strategic / financial planning. Strong in project management, pursuasive investment pitching, and an excellent communicator; a natural leader in pressured environments.

  • Technology

    CTO of two succesful tech start ups; Betfair.com (now Paddy Power Betfair plc on the FTSE100) and then uSwitch.com, and CEO of a third; Fun Technologies (acquired by Liberty Media and currently part of the Game Show Network). Now hunting the next adventure.

  • Security

    Over 20 years in various roles in the British army, UKSF, and the security sector; focused on counter terrorism and security consulting. Knowledgable in a broad range of varied specialist subjects, experience in working for DERA (now Quinetiq), Aegis Defence, Trident Maritime and other similar companies.

  • What I'm into

    Paragliding, skiing, diving, mountaineering, skydiving, triathlon(ing?), parenting, DIY, military history, UI design, AI, clouds, the cloud, cycling, and making money... (in no particular order). It's mostly about facing my fears and doing stuff that motivates me and makes me think.