(noun) the series of jobs undertaken for a significant period of a person's life.
(verb) to move swiftly in an uncontrolled way....

What I'm looking for:

A project that inspires me; something I believe in, working with clever people, and the potential to make money.

If you think you might want me on your team, I'd be interested to talk.

  • Career overview

    Ex soldier / tech exec / start up mentor / cyber vc. Proven record of leadership, execution, strategic / financial planning. Strong in project management, pursuasive investment pitching, and an excellent communicator; a natural leader in pressured environments.

  • Technology

    CTO / CEO of successful start ups; (Paddy Power Betfair plc, now Flutter Entertainment plc); followed by; followed by Fun Technologies (bought by Liberty Media). I'm now hunting the next adventure.

  • Security

    Over 20 years in various security roles with the regular British army and with UKSF, and then with the PMC sector; focussing on counter terrorism and security consulting. Knowledgable in a broad range of varied specialist subjects, experience in working for DERA (now QinetiQ), Aegis Defence, Trident Maritime and other similar companies.

  • What I'm into

    Paragliding, skiing, diving, mountaineering, skydiving, triathlon(ing?), parenting, DIY, military history, UI, AI, clouds (fluffy), the cloud (IOT), cycling, and making money... (in no particular order); facing my fears, doing stuff that motivates me, and that makes me think.